Can Non-Residents Get A Concealed Carry Permit?

Owning a gun is one of the basic rights Americans have inscribed in the constitution as the second amendment. However, we shall be looking at how this law applies to the non-resident interested in owning and having a concealed carry permit. Therefore, what does a conceal carry permit mean?

A concealed carry permit means that you can legally carry a firearm on your person or in the vicinity of your person in public. Remember that there is no universal federal law that regulates open carry permits. Therefore, most of the states have in place laws of reciprocity. Consequently, this means that a state will recognize the other states’ gun licenses and vice versa. So, you will have to choose and adhere to the specific gun laws of the state where you intend to stay.

A non-resident in the U.S. can apply for a concealed carry permit like a resident permit, but only in certain states like New York, DC, Illinois, and New Mexico. You must complete the appropriate training and background checks in your state. The training for concealed carry permits varies from state to state.

U.S. Requirements for a Concealed Carry Permit

Everyone who wishes to own an open carry permit must adhere to the state’s regulations and laws that he or she decides to stay. However, there are some general basic requirements that you must meet. To better capture the basic demands of most states, we shall use the regulations of New York. You must meet the minimum age of 18 years to apply for a CCW permit.

You must also adhere to the restrictions on guns in some of the locations, like schools. Some of these regulations include being of good moral character, show good cause for needing the permit, and live within the city that you are applying for the license. In addition, you will also have to complete the required training.

Can a Non-Citizen Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit?

The laws in some states allow non-residents to obtain a CCW. Therefore, this is a question that is subject to the laws of each state. However, you should know that you will have to go through a federal background check. Therefore, you should be a person without a checkered past or criminalizing affiliations.

Non-residents can have a gun permit in most states if their home country has issued them one. They can have clearances as diplomatic security or other recognized security jobs that require one.

Also, you cannot lie on the forms that you fill for the application of CCW. Remember that lying on such federal forms is a felony that is punishable by a jail term.

Can a Foreigner Buy a Gun?

A foreigner can indeed buy a gun in the U.S. However, they must show cause and follow the regulations and laws in their state of residence. Usually, however, there is a waiting period for more than three months after arriving in the US before foreigners are allowed to buy a gun.

This means that foreigners cannot just simply show up to the US and purchase a gun. These restrictions are in place in order to avoid terrorist attacks from foreigners or criminal activities.

However, there are exceptional circumstances that can allow a foreigner to buy a gun. In most cases, you will buy a gun as a non-resident only for sporting and hunting purposes. Moreover, you will have to obtain a certificate from your host state as well.

States that Allow Concealed Carry Without Permits

The right to keep arms in the United States is a constitutional right, and some states take it seriously. In most of these states, they argue that a person has the right always to defend him/herself. One can say that the U.S. has the least restrictive gun laws than most of the Western nations.

At least 12 states in the U.S. do not bother whether a person can possess a firearm. So, they, in turn, never bother whether you have a concealed carry permit for your gun. Some states that will never check for a firearm permit include Alaska, West Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota Vermont.

Does Buying a Gun Affect Your Resident Status?

As a foreigner, if you happen to possess a firearm legally, you will not have any legal problems. However, if this quickly changes, you will be on your defense if the purchase is illegal. Gun laws restricting foreigners are strict and may lead to your deportation or a jail term in the U.S.

Owning a gun is a thrilling idea, but it is wise to play your role within the host state’s laws. If you buy a gun in the U.S with such a rush, they will put you on the radar of the law. So, this may hinder you from obtaining your permanent residency.

Final Thoughts

You should only seek to own a gun if you have the training and right mindset to operate and use one. The notion of visiting another country and trying to buy a gun is quite fishy and immoral. You should extend your host country, the U.S., the benefit of the doubt to protect you.

Besides, if you buy a gun as a non-resident, it is most likely that law enforcement will turn you down due to the high number of mass shootings in the U.S recently. You should also be patient and follow the law to let you buy a gun at the appropriate time.

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