Why Do Foreigners Buy Gas Stations?

Living the American dream is a concept that is desirable to many immigrants. Therefore, most foreigners move to the US with the notion of owning a business. This is because they want to provide a good life for their family members. Moreover, they know that the only way to make wealth is through business and ownership.

In this case, you will note that most of the gas stations and convenience stores are under foreign management. So, when one foreigner has made enough money, he/she will invest in a small business in America. This is possible under the E-2 visa program. It allows such an investor to bring some of his/her family over to the US. The family can help run the business and live in the US for a long time.

In most foreign countries, there is a belief in the consolidation of wealth under the family. Therefore, owning a gas station in the US is no different. Most of these businesses are set up to help the family run its affairs.

However, you will note that you can branch out to other business and convenience stores as a foreigner over time. Plus, you will have enough workforce from the family to help you run the business.

No Requirement of English Proficiency

The concentration of the E-2 and the EB-5 visas is mainly on how much an investor is willing to invest. Therefore, as a foreign investor, you may not need an English proficiency test to run a gas station. However, common sense dictates that you should be able to communicate appropriately with your customers.

Therefore, if you will have language barriers, then your business might not perform that well. It would be wise that you indulge yourself in some communication skill classes. All these will give you a better hand at handling small disputes and resolving them as they arise in your business.

Owning a Gas Station is a Low Skill Business

Owning and running a business is not likely an idea that one may want to categorize under low skill business. Although in this case, that is what it is, a low skill business. Although, there are a lot of managerial concepts that one must know and harness over the years. However, an attendant may only need a high school diploma to work there.

Remember that you must balance your books as the right business person, pay taxes, customer service, and make a profit. As the owner and manager, you should know how to market and purchase the right stock to resonate with your customers. This position also requires good leadership skills and customer service that may take a long time to learn. Plus, you will need the necessary math skills to boost your chance of balancing and maintaining profits at your business.

Foreigners Can Work at Their Gas Station or Convenience Store

Under the E-2 visa requirements, I do not see why you cannot work at your own business. Plus, you can also use your family members to help you run the company as well. Besides, all you must prove to the US government is that the business can generate income to support you and your family.

By conducting a profitable business, you will create money that will impact the US economy and create jobs. Plus, the E-2 visa program allows you to bring in the workforce from your home country; this includes you. You can also bring your wife and children under 21 years of age on this visa to help you with your business.

Gas Stations Require Little Manpower and Recurring Costs

The workforce of a gas station depends mainly on the size and type of gas station you refer to. However, like any other business, the gas station does incur recurring costs like salaries and insurance payments. If you have a small gas station, you will not need to have a lot of workforces.

It is the opposite of a large gas station requiring a chief executive officer, accountant, pump attendant, convenience store clerk, security guard, car wash attendant, human resource manager, and gas station manager. One way or the other, you will obviously still have recurring costs no matter the size of your business.

Foreigners Are Disciplined and Make Gas Stations Work

Investing in something like a gas station as a small business is quite risky and has many challenges. It indeed requires a notch higher of discipline and patience. For your gas station to attract customers, you must commit your time to the project. Also, it would help if you dealt with the uncertainty of how the business may perform.

You also must devote a lot of money to the project that you may never recover. So, you will need adequate planning and research before you commit to such a business. Plus, you will find it easy to delegate more responsibility to your family members, who are also the workers. Foreigners are adaptable to change and will always be in front of the curve.

Final Thoughts

Many foreigners migrate to the US to explore the chances of creating wealth for their families. Therefore, they will go to the US to buy some of the businesses and run them along with the family members. In most cases, they will use this opportunity to purchase other companies and build roots within that area. The US government also supports such moves by foreigners because they help promote the economy and create jobs for other Americans.

Gui Hadlich

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